Map of Kemegere

Original map of Kemegere

Kemegere is the realm in which most of the Lords of Darkness series takes place. During the 1st and 2nd Ages, it was called Elenarchelon by the Elves and wizards, but was later renamed Kemegere when the first men came.

Kemegere holds five contries within its borders: Fallena, Arnenadoth, Frodreleg, Cheuladoth, and Harlang.

"Kemegere" in the Sapienta language, means "King Earth". It was called this becuase it was the first region the Men of the West arrived in, and so it was the "holy" realm of men.

Kemegere is also the only Realm that holds the small race of Brevots. Kemegere also holds the dark land of Golmath, the fortress of Milcoth.