Dorian, son of Borian, was a knight of the Western kingdom of men. He was famous for leading the battle against the dark forces in Erdor, and freeing the world of all evil.

He was born on March 25 near the end of the Third Age. His father died in battle before he was born, which forced his mother to send him to the king to be trained as an esquire. When he turned twenty- two he and Roberon were sent off to discover the new threat that roamed freely throughout Erdor.

Soon after that he helped fend off the seige that took place in the northern realms of Erdor. Around this time he was also given the Mighty Sword of Halamander, which was a priced possession of the Harlang realm. After the Seige of the North ended, Dorian, Roberon and Brithil proceeded south to Harlang and defended the realm from the dark forces of Morlred.

His quest was then finished when he defeated the Dark Lord and forced the orcs and goblins out of Erdor. Dorian is of the great line of kings which follows back to the first men.