The Dorac Forest

Chasing Shadows is the first novel of the Lords of Darkness series, taking place in the lands of Kemegere. The main plot of this book is about how a great evil has been killing of many of the last standing troops posted around the land. It is an unknown evil, and so Dorian and his closest friend, Roberon travel out to discover what is the cause of the many deaths, hence the name " Chasing Shadows".

Chasing Shadows follows after it's prequel, "Return". In this story, Several of the last remaining knights in the kingdom of men are killed, striking fear into the hearts of many. The king then sends his last knights; Dorian and Roberon, to discover the truth behind the murders.

Dorian and Roberon are also asked to escort the King's daughters to another city where they will be out of harms way. But on the Journey, they are attacked by a menacing hooded figure who proceeds to attack them. In the end, Roberon manages to fend him off with a volley of arrows. Soon after, they arrive in Lindul, where the King's daughters may be safe. Dorian and Roberon then ride out and pursue the dark creature that attacked them. (Hence the previous title, "Pursuit of Darkness) Dorian and Roberon are unable to find this creature, but instead find themselves trapped! A walking tree takes Roberon, thinking he is an elven ally, while Dorian is left alone with a broken leg.

Roberon speaks with the tree, discussing the evil roaming throughout the forest, and is later brought to a sorcerer named Teren. They soon destroy an orc fortress called Malganor, and ridding the forest of treacherous orcs. Dorian on the other hand, moves north to try and discover the unnamed evil, but finds himself at arrows point with and elf, named Brithil. They join each other, realizing that they both have the same goal, and proceed by moving west, into the Dorac wood. There, they are captured by a witch and brought to her tower where she gives them a startling choice, Life, or death!

Map of Kemegere

Original map of Kemegere