Elven archer like Brithil

Brithil was an elf that fought alongside the house of the chosen since the days of Barithion. He was friends with Arith, who he fell in love with. But their love did not last, she was forced to marry another man.

Brithil also fought alongside Teron, who he saved many times in battle. They were friends, and always fought in battles together.

He also helped Turan craft the great sword of kings, which was later handed down to Dorian.

Many years later, after Eleron was ambushed and killed, Brithil came, and avenged him. He also took the great sword of the kings, and returned it to the capitol of the Elves.

Brithil went into hiding after that because he was ashamed that he did not make it in time to save Eleron. After several more generations, Dorian finds him and Brithil once again helps the Chosen line of kings.